25 hilarious memes for all the sleep-deprived parents out there

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The epic daily battle to get your kids to sleep and catch some ZZZs can drive you up the wall—but it sure does make for some funny sleep memes.

Is there anything more elusive for a parent of young kids than sleep? Even in those blessed stretches when your little ones actually go to bed, we somehow find ourselves lying in bed awake for absolutely no reason. Or, on the flip side, being  jarred awake by a toddler kick to the face after dozing off during story time. Whyyyy?!

There are endless ways things can go wrong at bedtime. Sleep regressions, a revolving door of required stuffies and props, old creaky floors outside a baby’s room, a snoring and/or farting partner, stalling toddlers who won’t stay the eff in their beds—the list goes on and on.

So we’re doing something about it! No, we’re not solving your sleep problems (though we sure do try). Rather, we’ll give you a few laughs to get you through the night. Because catching ZZZs is a rollercoaster ride for the whole family, one best captured in memes. Here are our favourites:

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